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MEET SAM – He was diagnosed at 34 with Fetal Alcohol and the pieces and challenges of his early adulthood began to make sense. He realized he was the master of his own destiny and God was the head of his life. Since his diagnosis he has filmed, edited,  directed and produced The Good News […]

MEET LIZ – Liz is an energetic creative person.  She is the author of two award winning books on living with fetal alcohol. The Best I Can Be to help families raising children and The Braided Cord Tough Times In and Out to help families prepare and prevent a difficult adult transition. She enjoys cooking […]

MEET CHANCER – Hi, I’m Chancer and I became the first service dog placed with a child living with FASD. The organization that trained me is called 4 Paws for Ability and they have placed many more FASD service dogs around the world for children living with the challenges of FASD. My boy, Iyal, is now […]

MEET STEPHEN: I was diagnosed with FASD in 1996 which answered many questions as to why I had the problems I did! I was 43 years old. That was twenty years ago and I was relieved to know the reasons. I find I work well with people and do well on the computer and I […]

MEET CLAUDIO He was adopted when he was only 10 days old and he doesn’t have any information about his origins, but he’s waiting on the local authorities to contact the social services for information on the biological mother or at least her clinical history. He became aware of FASD through a doctor that created, […]

MEET TERRIE: I am a 49 year old Two-Spirit Woman and live and work on beautiful Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada. Until receiving a diagnosis of FASD in 2013, I had always struggled with my mental health and addiction issues; although I still face challenges in this area, I have a much better understanding of myself […]

MEET KATHERINE & FEATHER – I am 46 years old, and I live with FASD in Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA. I am just starting up a Consulting business ”Project Feather” with my service dog “FEATHER” in training. My goal is to be a buffer between FASD PEOPLE and Jobs, Schools, Foster homes, Foster Parents, Sports, and […]

MEET SAVANNA – Savanna is a Life Strategy Coach helping people support FASD. She co-chairs the Hamilton FASD Caregiver and Parent Support Group and the Youth and Sibling FASD Support Group along with her cognitive translator/external brain Mark. They also launched a FASD support group website (http://www.hamiltonfasdsupport.ca). Savanna is an adult living with FASD who […]

MEET KEN – Ken is a 31 year old husband and father of a toddler. In 2007, Ken had lived in group home environments, residential or foster care for 13 years. His dream was to become independent, get married and someday have a child. Today, Ken is an excellent dad and his son’s eyes light […]

MEET VOLKER – I am a 59 years old piano teacher from Germany. I got my diagnosis at the age of 57. Every day successfully I am battling my way back into a quite normal life by doing lots of sport (jogging, workout), training my brain (piano playing, foreign languages), a special diet, Victorian discipline, […]