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MEET VIVIAN – Vivian is 16 years old and adopted. She has finished middle school. Someday I hope to become a kindergarten teacher. I have a strong social nature, but sometimes I feel different from others. My concentration is often bad and I have problems with math. She was diagnosed in 2013. I wish all […]

MEET TIMOTHY – Timothy is a sweet, funny, friendly 9-year-old boy with a passion for Elves, Halloween, Video Games, Squirrels and his Teddy Bear. He loves parties and thinks up any possible excuse to throw one. (We recently had a wedding for his stuffed animals complete with guests, music, food and decorations.) Timothy has a […]

MEET LAURA – Laura is from Landsberg, Germany. She is almost 15 and we adopted her when she was 14 months old. STRENGTHS – She loves cats, horses, Minecraft, books and writing her own fantastical stories. She was 13 when she was diagnosed with FASD, having been diagnosed as learning only disabled up until then. […]

MEET BRIAR – Briar is a vibrant 10 year old girl who makes friends wherever she goes. Known by many as ”Miss Aloha,” she creates sunshine and happiness in the lives of all of those she touches. She is a helpful and joyful socialite, and she loves working with the younger children at her church. […]

MEET SABINE – I am 45 year old woman from Germany, I have two children and I am professionally working the baby and child care field. I enjoy the work with children very much. I don’t know yet for such a long time that I have FASD and in the beginning I did not find […]

MEET SKYE – Skye, is 10 years old. Presently, he participates in martial arts (black belt), equine therapy, tennis and swimming lessons, and neurobehavioral based therapy. In this picture, he is getting ready to break a board at testing. He just entered the black belt level this past June. He will test again on the […]

MEET ALEXIA – She is 14 years old and wants the world to know about FASD and how hard life can be sometimes. She came to her adoptive family at 8 months of age. She is a very kind person. She loves animals, especially horses and dogs. Alexia knows and understands her disability and she […]