#87 Meet Stephen & Julia – Real People Real Lives. #FASD

LongWayToSimple_MEET STEPHEN: I was diagnosed with FASD in 1996 which answered many questions as to why I had the problems I did! I was 43 years old. That was twenty years ago and I was relieved to know the reasons. I find I work well with people and do well on the computer and I am a good researcher, I care about people. In search for a Soulmate I had 3 marriages before I found Julia, Julia is perfect for me cause she need to be Loved and I need to give Love. Julia needs me and I need her. We both walk the path with Jesus Christ and believe in God. My life has meaning with my precious Julia, together we both believe we can make a difference

MEET JULIA: I am undiagnosed FASD’er. But I saw a picture of my mother drinking pregnant on the 3rd month while I was in her womb. My life was very hard even my childhood with my parents loving me in a beautiful environment. After sadly they divorced and I was misunderstand by a stepfather in a very different rough life, my life became a real ’battle’ I had to learn to ”survive” without much family understanding and found a rough world that also misunderstood me; all I ever wanted is to love and be loved. I found also that God gave me some special talents: my arts. I can do masterpieces painting and I enjoy singing, recycling new fashion designs and speak two languages. I find my art as a shelter that takes me away from my health issues. Being married to Stephen is a blessing, he helps me to overcome sad and difficult times with his program and faith in God.


Stephen is the author of The Long Way to Simple available on Amazon. His book includes a 30 day program to help adults living with FASD find hope.


Stephen and Julia are available for presentations in Argentina, they can be reached at fasflight@yahoo.com



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