90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

We choose to think about people!

Meet Mac our first runner

Mackie is an amazing little boy who has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Autism and an involuntary movement disorder.

In fact he has a tail of over 50 of the primary diagnosis of the 400 possible for prenatal alcohol exposure. He is the second time around kid of Dr. James and Ann Yurcek and is number 12 for an even dozen. He is loved by his community and his family filled with loads of nieces and nephews some a bit older than he is.

For those who love Mackie – he can be followed at Mackie’s World on FaceBook.  A place for those who love him and care for him to follow his escapades and triumphs and learn our this amazing young man.



Because our ”Littles” matter. Our ”Littles” are the children like Mac growing up with the challenges of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and Trauma before birth. The adults who joined this race are advocates to help make a difference for the next generation. They are standing together to help parents, professionals and other caregivers begin to understand these challenges from the inside out. They are no longer whispering. They have a voice.

This campaign empowered people. Shares and Likes on FaceBook reached into extended families and friends and opened the closed door to provide light into the reality of life with the challenges of prenatal exposure to alcohol. We are humbled we have been given the grace to bring light to this darkness.

We are grateful to the 92 people, some dogs, a cat, a lizard, a bird and a caterpillar who joined us on this journey. To all the people who shared this campaign with friends and family. And to the behind the scenes support team — Jodee Kulp, Johan Wiklander, Ann Yurcek, R.J. Formanek and Sam Guerrido to make this happen. And of course, Mac.

If you appreciated this campaign go find a runner in the gallery below and comment under their story. Please thank them for their advocacy and courage to share their lives.

What 90 Real People Real Lives #FASD accomplished

The good stuff!

  • We made a difference in understanding by using FaceBook and Blogs too open the door of understanding to extended family members and friends who finally realize it is not ”that kid” or ”that person” it is many many lovely real people with real lives
  • We shared our love for each other around the world
  • We empowered people to step up and advocate and they can began to move mountains
  • We virtually ran for 90 days with 92 people and dogs and a cat and a lizard and a caterpillar with a team of two moms and one dad

Statistics at Midnight 9.9.2016 — 150,886 views in 90 Days

  • Facebook – 102,158 reaches by two FaceBook pages (Red Shoes Rock #FASD, Mackies World) and three Blogs (Parenting Complex Kids, Lighter Side of FASD, Real People Reak Lives) This does not include blog re-posts or views from outside of our group – so whatever you all did and continue doing is another miracle.
  • Facebook – 27,000 reaches by our 90 runners (300-1500 reaches each)
  • Facebook -15,000 reaches by Mac’s first post
  • Twitter – 48,728 reaches with 400 tweets at Silent Voices

 And YOUR SHARES and LIKES are still moving more mountains – we are THANKFUL

PLUS! Mackie visited 42 countries getting ready for It’s Mackie’s World

  • Europe – United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, France, Italy, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Moldova
  • North America – United States of America, Canada, Mexico
  • Central America – Costa Rica, Nicaragua
  • Carribean – Trinidad and Tobago
  • Asia – India, Singapore, Nepal, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Myanmar
  • South America – Brazil, Argentina, Peru
  • Pacific – Australia, New Zealand, Philippines
  • Africa – South Africa, Egypt,Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Congo
  • Middle East – Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia