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MEET KATHERINE & FEATHER – I am 46 years old, and I live with FASD in Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA. I am just starting up a Consulting business ”Project Feather” with my service dog “FEATHER” in training. My goal is to be a buffer between FASD PEOPLE and Jobs, Schools, Foster homes, Foster Parents, Sports, and […]

MEET BRANDAN – I am 21 years and Native American. I have FAS. I have a big adopted family. I have really good friends that go to college now. I just graduated from the transitional program at my high school. I like to swim and fish but mostly I like music. My favorite music is […]

MEET SAVANNA – Savanna is a Life Strategy Coach helping people support FASD. She co-chairs the Hamilton FASD Caregiver and Parent Support Group and the Youth and Sibling FASD Support Group along with her cognitive translator/external brain Mark. They also launched a FASD support group website ( Savanna is an adult living with FASD who […]

MEET VIVIAN – Vivian is 16 years old and adopted. She has finished middle school. Someday I hope to become a kindergarten teacher. I have a strong social nature, but sometimes I feel different from others. My concentration is often bad and I have problems with math. She was diagnosed in 2013. I wish all […]

MEET TIMOTHY – Timothy is a sweet, funny, friendly 9-year-old boy with a passion for Elves, Halloween, Video Games, Squirrels and his Teddy Bear. He loves parties and thinks up any possible excuse to throw one. (We recently had a wedding for his stuffed animals complete with guests, music, food and decorations.) Timothy has a […]

MEET LAURA – Laura is from Landsberg, Germany. She is almost 15 and we adopted her when she was 14 months old. STRENGTHS – She loves cats, horses, Minecraft, books and writing her own fantastical stories. She was 13 when she was diagnosed with FASD, having been diagnosed as learning only disabled up until then. […]

MEET BRIAR – Briar is a vibrant 10 year old girl who makes friends wherever she goes. Known by many as ”Miss Aloha,” she creates sunshine and happiness in the lives of all of those she touches. She is a helpful and joyful socialite, and she loves working with the younger children at her church. […]