We give Hope to FASDReal People. Real Lives.

We give ordinary people, extraordinary voices to show that better endings are possible and new beginnings can be achieved with powerful stories to inspire, build hope and provide wisdom to change the world one person at a time.

RJ Formanek and Jodee Kulp began #RedShoesRock Stop FASD FaceBook Initiative in 2014 with a 30 day challenge beginning on August 10 – our dream was to stop the stigma and build visibility – That first event was successful with over 10,000 new viewers and families and children had fun sharing their shoes.

In 2015, we added 30 days by using that time to prepare for community grassroots events for International FASDay – September 9. We shared ideas and tips of what people could do big or small to make a difference. This marked the 16th celebration of FASDay to build awareness and we are grateful to Brian Philcox, Bonnie Buxton and Teresa Kellerman for being the brave souls who initiated this dream on 9.9.99 at 9:09.

This year we wanted to not just celebrate, create visibility and build a voice we wanted to share stories and empower persons who live with the challenges of FASD daily. We have had a great time. We have met incredible people. People from Australia, Germany, Argentina, USA, Canada, UK, Italy and South Africa have already run…

We appreciate kind comments given to our runners – add kind comments – they were courageous to step out for Red Shoes Rock International Virtual Relay Race – meet everyone at realpeople.realmindz.com

About us:

Better Endings New Beginnings was founded by Jodee Kulp in 1986 to build international awareness in understandable and gentle ways to help persons living with unrecognized differences. Initially a publishing house to provide a voice for the voiceless, it has broaden it’s project scope in developing LiveAbilities and PawZup. This social initiative has been developed ’to able persons to live full lives’ and thrive as adults. Better Endings New Beginnings as a publisher has secured seven prestigious Mom’s Choice Foundation Gold Awards, three Books of the Year, Dove Award, three Readers Views Awards, including 2010 Reader’s View Kids Children’s Book of the Year, and 1986 Judges Choice for Typography from the National Composition Association. We’re easy to reach Visit our website for more information www.BetterEndings.org

RealMindz our new initiative was founded in 2015 when Jodee Kulp (USA) and Johan Wiklander (Sweden) joined together to do a survey on the needs of families living with complex children. That survey was international and received results from English speaking countries (Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa) and Sweden. From the results of that survey we saw the need to strengthen families with our main focus of families living with a complex child where stress can be extreme.

Contact Us for further information on our programs of for presentations: jodeekulp@realmindz.com





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