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SamLiz-TargetField MEET SAM – He was diagnosed at 34 with Fetal Alcohol and the pieces and challenges of his early adulthood began to make sense. He realized he was the master of his own destiny and God was the head of his life. Since his diagnosis he has filmed, edited,  directed and produced The Good News from Power Source Ministries for over 48 TV shows now & he debuted his 2nd show called The What’s G.U.D. Talk Show.

MY STORY – Our family grew up in poverty in Flint, Michigan. I’ve been cutting me & my little brothers’ hair since I was twelve & after I perfected barbering I still wanted more and so I became a Boy Scout, then I got my first job when I turned 14 my freshman year of H.S. after acquiring a job coach on my own & I began working at Pierson Elementary one of my old schools, and so I was off and running motivated by poverty to do and be better but I always knew that I was destined for greatness & with the help of many positive role models that I had the pleasure of meeting along the way, also by me attending Faith Baptist Church in Davidson MI and becoming a member of Boy Scouts Troop 317 the first all black troop in MI. at Christ Fellowship Baptist Church and so with those two things playing key roles in my poverty stricken life they provided me with a stable foundation which helped me to remain grounded, focused and driven to become the man that I am a today.

I was in a fatal car accident with Michael Davison (RIP). I survived, but I also acquired a TBI on top of the FASD. That led to years of struggle trying to figure things out. Then when I was 34 I was diagnosed with FAS. I had already made the connection because Liz Kulp is my fiancé of 13 years and there were so many ways we were alike. Life finally made sense. I knew what I was up against and could finally begin my REAL life.

Currently besides my television work, I am working with Brother’s Empowered – to empower the youth on Minneapolis Northside by setting a proper example by being upstanding pillars in the community. I am also involved with Growth and Empowerment, which includes women and men working together to take back the northside and stop the killings. I am working on an autobiography to help others. And we are advocates of everything positive under the Son!

STRENGTHS – Lighthearted, fun-loving, lover of life. People person. Work well with others and I love to learn new things.

STRUGGLES – Traumatic brain injury plus FASD. Concentration, memory, focusing, hearing things like others hear them, my equilibrium and balance is off. I have to learn things in repetition.

Sam-AlariousWISH – I wish that FASD did not exist!


Sam for presentations at: GoodFruitCampProductions@gmail.com

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I dedicate my success to my nephew, Alarious who sacrificed his life at age seven to save his siblings. His heroism was the catalyst that pushed me to go for my very very best. I am honored to be his uncle – he is my little Super Hero.



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