#89 Meet Liz – 90 Real People Real Lives #FASD

MEET LIZ – Liz is an energetic creative person.  She is the author of two award winning books on living with fetal alcohol. The Best I Can Be to help families raising children and The Braided Cord Tough Times In and Out to help families prepare and prevent a difficult adult transition. She enjoys cooking and is starting a new program called Liz.Kitchen to help people with memory issues cook healthy foods.

MY STORY – Many of you have read my two books, so I will be brief – my mom was a homicide – so that pretty much left me in foster care and then adopted. I was adopted by a good family and I had a great preschool time – then school started and I didn’t learn like everyone else. Mom and dad and the school tried to figure out what was wrong and soon I had a tail of labels that weren’t quite right. At age 12.5, the doctor looks at all the labels and says – “It’s fetal alcohol.” Well that was easy – only FAS is not easy.

STRENGTHS – I am highly creative and before I got sick (from all the stuff I have to deal with) I was outgoing and fun and sparkly. I still sparkle but It takes hour by hour effort. I have a kind heart that can get easily taken advantage of by people I think I can trust. I am a very loyal friend. I love to cook and sew and design wigs.

STRUGGLES – I really struggled in my early adult years and you can read about that in my autobiography – Braided Cord – Tough Times In and Out. Now, as an adult I physically struggle because of my FASD, my genetics and the hard times I had in my early twenties.

WISH – That FASD was never heard of and that there were more programs for young adults to help with transition and for adults living in the community. Maybe someday Sam and I can have a support group to help teens and adults.

Contact me at
LizKulp@gmail.com for presentations and speaking

Visit LizKitchen.wordpress.com

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2 tankar om “#89 Meet Liz – 90 Real People Real Lives #FASD

  1. Beth Wagner says:

    Liz, You were my first inspiration and sign of hope when my kids were first diagnosed with FAS 12 years ago. I devoured your books and became a quiet follower of your journey. (not a stalker, lol!) What I’ve learned from you over the years has sometimes been tough to hear, but I would always say to myself, ”Liz is my go to girl.” I’ve used your books as reference for many years. Keep it up! I’m hopeful that one day you will meet my daughter. Thank you. For all you’ve done and taught me.

    • admin says:

      We so hope that our next part of our journey will inspire and help our ”Littles” (the people coming behind us living with the challenges of FASD to soar!


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