#80 Meet Katherine & Feather – 90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

MEET KATHERINE & FEATHER – I am 46 years old, and I live with FASD in Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA. I am just starting up a Consulting business ”Project Feather” with my service dog “FEATHER” in training. My goal is to be a buffer between FASD PEOPLE and Jobs, Schools, Foster homes, Foster Parents, Sports, and all aspects of our lives.

MY STORY – My home environment was horrible!! My mom an alcoholic, and my dad a narcissist & enabler!! The fights were CRAZY!! My dad was also a workaholic to avoid being home with my mom! I am the youngest and the only girl so I became ”the mom” and ”the pond” in every fight!! Always trying to do what ever I could, so they wouldn’t fight! I learned to survive as a child, I moved out at 16 years of age… That is when my survival kick in. Got married at 19 to an abusive man, it lasted 6 months!! I then met my Daughters Dad… And struggling with being gay!! I left him and took my Daughter, and began my struggles in the gay community. And not knowing why I am the way I am!!!

My head diameter is 49 3/4!! I can never find a helmet that fits!!! I need a xxxs, and they are hard to find!!!

I have always worked with troubled kids in group homes and still do today!!! I never knew why I so totally could bond and totally understand them!! It was then found out that I too was FASD! I always just though I was stupid… And was always told so!!! Before that I just struggled and didn’t know why? So my re-mapping was to survive… Not to learn!! I was 41 years old when I was told. I’m 46 now and realize I have a gift to understand our struggles and overcome them! I’ve been told by various professionals in my life, that I can help explain the FASD brain better then they have ever learnt in any seminar they have been at!!! I have re-mapped my brain in the 40+ years of my struggle… And I have had tremendous struggles!!! I am not a Doctor! Nor am I a ”rocket scientist” lol but I DO KNOW FASD and its struggles.

STRENGTHS – Compassionate, empathetic, accepting, optimistic, joyous, loving, loyal, resilient, love of animals and nature, protective ”mama bear”, excellent observation skills, diplomatic and reasonable, family focused, humorous, stubborn (when needed), able to see joy and beauty in the small moments. And learning everyday to be more comfortable in my own skin!! I wish to continue my personal growth and improvement. I wish for happiness and joy for myself and all those I love.

STRUGGLES – I struggle with memory, Fibromanalgia sufferer, 3 time Cancer survivor, Osteoarthritis, financial management, Family of origin, PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, holding a job, trying to fit in, being a single parent for 16 years ( Daughter moved to Dads ) She found me struggling with money & bills was to hard, so she thought if I didn’t have her to worry about, I’d do better! Now that I had the diagnosis my daughter totally understands her childhood. And how hard it was for me to raise her.
I am a child that never grew up!! I’m still working very hard everyday with my depression, PTSD, and BPD. Never mind all my health issues!!! I’m an alcoholic in recovery, and have been sober since March 2016

WISH – I wish to bring an end to FASD, PTSD, and child neglect. I wish to bring understanding to FASD, and our struggles. And a better understanding and training in all aspects of FASD. I wish to help FASD in foster care, to keep homes educated, and safe for our kids. To end Foster home break downs!!

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