#8 Meet Lee – 90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

Day 8 International Red Shoes Rock Virtual Relay Race – Lee from the UK!

Hi Lee. I don’t think I know someone from the UK – oh the United Kingdom. No don’t think I knew someone with FASD from there either. So this will be a good day – tell me all about castles! We don’t have castles where I live – we have lots of cows in Wisconsin! Let’s go do this!

MEET LEE – I’m Lee from the UK, aged 30 and living with FASD, I am the founder of Lee Harvey-Heath FASD Through my eyes, network and hopefully soon a social enterprise. I was diagnosed at age 26, but by then had already been in prison and been addicted to alcohol for years. I now live independently and I’m a father. Also a speaker advocate mentor and author, speaking at an event for adoption UK, and soon will be talking to local police offices about the effects of FASD.

MY STORY  – I was born in Plymouth UK. And adopted aged 6 very difficult child hood, and school life, was bullied throughout, left school with no good grades. Left home at 16 and started drinking and became addicted in less than a year, this went on for many years, suicide attempts, getting in trouble with the police, couldn’t hold a job. And got arrested and sent to prison for 2years. Finally released and almost killed myself through drinking again. And moved back in with my adoptive mum, who realised I had FASD, as I still had the same issues a 26 that I did when I was young. I finally got sober and was diagnosed FASD.

STRENGTHS – I’m creative, determined, passionate. Funny, unique. Friendly.

STRUGGLES –  learning, alcohol addiction, anxiety, self esteem, understanding emotions.

LEE’S WISH – to be a good father, and to change the views on alcohol during pregnancy here in the UK. And make as many people as possible aware of how FASD can be really damaging to a life.


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