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Meet Jordan

MEET JORDAN – Jordan is 14 and would like to work with animals. His dog Toby helps him get out and about. Toby helps enormously with his anxieties . Jordan has a good sense of humour and brings joy to a lot of people’s lives. He is my sunshine on a cloudy day. Time lines and planners really help him. Jordan learns best when he feels accepted and safe.

Jordan was fostered from birth came to me and my now ex husband at 7 months he was developmentally delayed suffered terrible colic. He was a beautiful baby with a button nose and little ears. He spoke his first few words at 3 yrs. Was diagnosed at age 8 with FASD dysmorphic features in Manchester, UK.

o proud of Jordan having to face day to day struggles which fasd brings with many sensory issues it was a constant battle with teachers not understanding Jordan and Fasd in primary and mainstream high school which I pulled him out of . Now goes to a great secondary school independent special school where Jordan is taught to his way of learning and Jordan feels accepted and safe with teachers who have more understanding of Fasd. Jordan doesn’t like files and wasps or maths – maths – he can’t stand maths . Loud noises. Stranger danger. Can be Impulsive. Get very anxious in Busy places. Likes things done in a certain way.

Great problem solver and has a lovely caring side. Jordan goes horse riding and arc farm helping with animal care. He loves art and his drawings are amazing. He loves computers and science. He loves being in nature.

ordans wish would be to have his own farm rescue animals. Hot tub in the garden. Swimming pool. Life time supply of ice cream and white chocolate. He loves ice cream. People to be nice to each other.

Our family is now part of the Fasd Trust running a support group near where we live for other families with children diagnosed with Fasd. Where so little is yet known about the condition.

Meet Jordan



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