#71 Meet Sam – Real People Real Lives. #FASD

MEET SAM – Sam is 26 years old. My mom has been supportive. She was really there for me for everything. My dad passed when I was 13. He was an awesome man and dad. He was always supportive and there for me when I needed him. I was diagnosed with FAS at birth and my birth mom and birth dad both drank.

MY STORY – I also am a birth mother. I gave birth to a beautiful girl in August of 2014. She is happy and well taken care of. She just turned 2, healthy and is so beautiful. I see her when I attend church. Her adopted parents are awesome! I love them so much. They are awesome. She’s the best mom and he’s an amazing dad. And they have one older son, he’s such a good big brother. Very sweet and kind little boy.

STRENGTHS – I’m a hard worker, I’m a people person and I love Jesus. I’ve always had a strong faith, it’s helped me through a lot of things, and saved me from a lot of things, Jesus has always been there for me. He helps me by knowing he will always love me and he’s not afraid of me or my emotions. He can handle my FAS 🙂

STRUGGLES – Time management (getting better though) I can’t drive. Feeling stuck

WISH – To one day live in Florida and have a good paying job. And be able to take care of mom like she has for me.


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