#70 Meet Sabine & Ronja – Real People Real Lives. #FASD

MEET SABINE – I am 45 year old woman from Germany, I have two children and I am professionally working the baby and child care field. I enjoy the work with children very much. I don’t know yet for such a long time that I have FASD and in the beginning I did not find it that bad at all. But by and by I realized how many programs I have had to struggle with in my life, which can all be traced back to FASD.

STRENGTHS – I enjoy life very much. I love animals and nature. And I love to be on the move to discover something new.

STRUGGLES – I have had problems with alcohol, depression and always somehow had to fight in order to cope with my life. I am suffering from deficiency in concentration, my eyes and ears do not function as they should and special sense and structure is very defective.

TRAGIC – My daughter, Ronja, who is 10 and also lives with me is also affected by FASD. I noticed my pregnancy much too late and had continued to drink then as usual.›

WISH – I desire more support and understanding for individuals living with an FASD. And awareness of FASD by all people. Everyone can prevent FASD !


MEET RONJA  I am 10 years old and am going to the 4. class.

STRENGTH My most favorite subject is art, and in my school report I have actually got the best score for it. I enjoy everything that brings fun, I love doing handicrafts, enjoy cycling and like kidding around.

STRUGGLES  – Unfortunately my mother has drunk alcohol at the begin of her pregnancy, because she didn’t know that I was already there. I must take a medicine in order to make everydays life less hard for me. I am very small and wispy. Sometimes the other children segregate me, because I am different.

WISH I find, that the segregation has to be stopped, I want to be accepted and my wish is, that all people would be aware of FASD, so that no child has to undergo this any more. My wish to all women who could become pregnant: Please don’t drink alcohol!

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