#65 Meet Alexia – Real People Real Lives. #FASD

MEET ALEXIA – She is 14 years old and wants the world to know about FASD and how hard life can be sometimes. She came to her adoptive family at 8 months of age. She is a very kind person. She loves animals, especially horses and dogs. Alexia knows and understands her disability and she wants that people know about it.

MY STORY – She was adopted at 8 months into a loving family in Germany. She was diagnosed with an FASD at age 10.

STRENGTHS – She is a nice girl with an intellectual disability. She loves horseback riding, being creative and cooking.
STRUGGLES – She has no sense of time. She struggles with emotional control and it is very difficult for her to regulate her emotions. Without intention she can destroy even things she likes or in anger hurt those she loves. She has thrown her phone in despair and said words she cannot take back to ones she loves.

WISH -She says that she wishes that woman know what happens when they are drinking while pregnancy and for herself she wants to live in a house with a family.



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