#60 Meet Volker – 90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

MEET VOLKER – I am a 59 years old piano teacher from Germany. I got my diagnosis at the age of 57. Every day successfully I am battling my way back into a quite normal life by doing lots of sport (jogging, workout), training my brain (piano playing, foreign languages), a special diet, Victorian discipline, that I am lucky to have a loving wife, who supports me! Even with FASD a quite normal life is possible, but that you have to fight for it with all your energy, which as a result makes you esteem life as such very high. Just as Andrew Peterson does, whom I admire.

STRUGGLES – I started drinking very young, at the age of 16 I was addicted, stopped drinking at 25. Have had some psychological problems, anxiety, depression, who wouldn’t?

STRENGTHS – I speak German and Dutch fluently, have learned English and French and a bit Russian at school. I have studied music on a conservatory. And I am going to do much more in order to make people aware of FASD and help others.

MY WISH – As this is an international problem for all people of all languages and all races I am trying to help create an international network.

I believe classical music can help to make people attend on FASD. Samples of my work


There is a autobiographical video on YouTube and more videos about FASD.


My wish for the future would be to exterminate FASD.

Follow Volker on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/874203182685541/?fref=ts 

Presentations and performances
Volker Krings,
Martin-Gremminger-Weg 23,
D- 79856 Hinterzarten, Germany,
email: ervolk-krings@t-online.de

Diese Gruppe ist nur dazu bestimmt, wichtige Innenansichten, Gedanken und Perspektiven zum Problemkreis FASD zu sammeln, festzuhalten und der allgemeinen Öffentlichkeit zugänglich zu machen. Sie ist nicht gedacht zum Diskutieren oder Kommentieren. Hierzu verweise ich auf die bestehenden Gruppen ”FASD-Deutschland” und ”FASD und Erwachsen”. In diesen Foren bin ich auch gerne bereit, Fragen zu beantworten und Anregungen entgegenzunehmen. Ebenfalls erreichbar bin ich über meine Profilseite ”Volker Krings” Hier freue ich mich über jedes Interesse und jeden Kommentar. Vielen Dank für euer Verständnis! (translation on site available)



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