#59 Meet Alex – 90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

MEET ALEX – I’m 23 and love sports. I’m a hockey goalie and Captain of the Special Olympics basketball team. I like working with plants and have a good job at a big nursery. It’s hard to remember all the plant names! Plus I’m red/green colour blind so the dead leaves look the same almost as live ones. I want to get my drivers license and buy a pick up truck. One day I hope to get married and live in our own house.

MY STORY – From Mom: Alex has always known that he was adopted as an infant. Once we received his official FASD diagnosis, we talked to him about his struggles and how they related to the disease of his bio mom. He has never been angry towards her but continues to refuse any alcohol, doesn’t smoke or do drugs. With his his job. He has surpassed all our expectations, getting himself up, making his lunch and biking to work all on time!! He still lives at home and requires reminders and organizational assistance but has matured into a funny, thoughtful and responsible young man. We couldn’t be prouder.

P.S. This photo is Alex’s favorite after winning the silver medal for basketball at the 2016 Ontario Special Olympics Spring Games. As an athlete, he has been endorsed to compete nationally.

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  1. Teresa says:

    Way to go Alex and hats off to proud mom Diane and Dad Dave for a job well done…to everyone in his circle of life friends that helped him grow into the fine young man he is today…. Diane we were almost like family..lol..


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