#56 Meet Evann – Real People Real Lives. #FASD

MEET EVANN – She’s 18 years old, but loves the look of surprise when people learn that fact, as she’s blessed to look much younger! Evann has FAS and numerous related conditions, but is a real warrior! She considers FASD a “very unfair thing to do to a child.” However, she knows she has worth and value! Her favorite thing is the annual FASD Family Camp she attends with her family, where she gets to see her friends!

MY STORY – Evann was adopted at age 8 by her foster parents who could never let her go! Her early life was full of abuse and neglect, and it took her years to realize that it wasn’t her fault. She’s making strides in math and writing, and her Mom and Grandmother, both involved in her homeschooling, are excited. She has voluntarily held herself back twice, so is entering 10th grade. She’s very happy with that decision!

STRENGTHS – Evann is very athletic and has great enthusiasm for the success of others. She loves making little things for her family, especially her parents and 3 younger siblings, who are all her bio siblings adopted by the same folks! She loves and admires her 5 grown siblings, and the feeling is mutual.

STRUGGLES – Social situations are a huge struggle for Evann, and friendships are elusive. Academics have always been an issue, but she keeps learning!

WISH – She wants to grow up and live in a nice group home, be a massage therapist, and grow organic food. Maybe someday she will marry and adopt a child like herself.


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