Day 54 International Red Shoes Rock Virtual Relay Race – Congratulations to Shianna from USA!

Shianna maybe we should take your bike today – I like bikes even it I can’t ride on yet – maybe someday. I heard you tried really really hard then then YOU DID IT! Your bike would help us and I know where some really good down hills are. Let’s use the bike today to go around the world!

MEET SHIANNA – Shi joined her family at 16 days old and it’s been an adventure ever since! She was diagnosed with ND-PAE at 5 years old but doesn’t let that stop her. She is compassionate and nurturing to all animals (though cats and dogs are her true loves). She loves imaginary play, swimming, and playing baby dolls with her best pal. Shi was prescribed an adult tricycle, but surprised everyone at Bike Camp when she learned to ride a two-wheeler in two days!

STRENGTHS – She is a super swimmer and a huge helper around the house!

STRUGGLES – Shianna struggled through her first year of Kindergarten when she was wrongly placed in a General Education classroom and quickly dysregulated. She will try Kindergarten again this year in a different district with a specialized classroom. She is very excited because the new school has a goldfish pond inside! Shianna struggles with emotional regulation, sensory processing, social interactions with peers, and is working very hard with numbers and letters. For the summer, she has returned to her old children’s center preschool room for the opportunity to reacclimate to a group setting and so far she’s a pro and is beginning to make a couple friends.

MY WISH – Shianna’s wish is to have a boyfriend and get married when she grows up, but for now would be happiest with a tame and nice mountain lion for her pet. Momma says, “Yikes!”, but Mama is so happy Shianna is happy.