#50 Meet Diego – Real People Real Lives. #FASD

Day 50 International Red Shoes Rock Virtual Relay Race – Congratulations to Diego!

“Wow Diego – you want to be a coach or professional athlete? That is so cool. My legs probably won’t let me do that but I can watch you. I heard you’re a good runner, if I get tired on this round the world run – would you pick me up for a little bit. Let’s go!”

MEET DIEGO – He is about to turn 14 years old and will be going into 9th grade. He is active in sports (horseback riding, basketball, and flag football) and loves video games. Diego was born in Juarez, Mexico; born addicted alcohol and other drugs. Mom and Dad got custody when he was 8 months old and got home to El Paso, TX. With him just in time for his first birthday.

MY STORY – Diego is diagnosed with FASD, ADHD, ODD, and sensory issues.

STRENGTHS – He’s athletic and is a hard worker at any sports he tries. He has a good sense of humor. Strong rote memory abilities help with school. He is helpful and looks out for others.

STRUGGLES – He struggles with expressive and receptive language. Sequencing directions/activities is difficult. He has some problems with social interactions but has been improving greatly in recent weeks.

MY WISH – He wants to become a professional athlete or coach.


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