#49 Meet Annie – Real People Real Lives. #FASD

Day 49 International Red Shoes Rock Virtual Relay Race – Congratulations to Annie!

“Hey Annie, I’ll be your friend and I bet all the people who have already run with me will be your friend too! I’ve met a whole bunch of great people at Red Shoes Rock and every time I go around the world I meet more. Come on Annie, take my hand… we can be friends” says Mac.

MEET ANNIE – My name is Annie and I’m 12. My mom and dad adopted me when I was 3. I couldn’t talk and walking was not smooth. Through lots of encouragement you can’t tell now. My language is still on a 3 year old level but I talk all day. The words I truly need just seem to get stuck somewhere between my brain and my mouth.

MY STRENGTHS- I’m a people pleaser, helper, and I care deeply for those I love. I am a cheerleader and am looking forward to cheering for the Warriors for the second year this year. Another strength is that I can find anything your looking for. I observe my environment in great detail!

STRUGGLES- Anything learning related is a struggle. I have to be in a special class to keep me from getting overwhelmed and shutting down. Cheer was modified for me. But they let me be on a modified pyramid. (Those ladies were so awesome). Making friends is struggle for me. You see, I’m 12, but emotionally I’m MICH younger so the kids don’t always want to play with me. I just play with my mom and my granny. Memory is also a struggle. But mainly when it comes to learning something.

MY WISH- My wish is that I could have friends and play like other kids. I wish I could read. I really really want to read. I wish everybody knew about FASD. And finally I wish the Texas Legislature would pass Annie’s Law which will require doctors to tell pregnant moms about the dangers of drinking while pregnant.


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