#48 Meet Jules – Real People Real Lives. #FASD

Day 48 International Red Shoes Rock Virtual Relay Race – Congratulations to Jules!

“Hey Jules you look like Tori – are you another twin… I’ve gotten to run with another set of twins already. That is so cool – let’s run we have a whole world to run around for 90 Real People. Real Lives International Virtual Relay Race. Let’s go!”

MEET JULES –   I am 22 years old and I have a twin sister.  I am working at my first job as a regular employee and I love it.  I do not like people to treat me different because I have an FASD, a disability.  My family is very important to me and they are helping me learn what I need to know to be successful and healthy.  I have never drank alcohol, alcohol is why I struggle and why life is hard for me.  I will never drink alcohol

STRENGTHS – I love music and art, I like to write poetry and write better than I can speak my thoughts.  I enjoy running, it helps to calm me down when I am feeling overwhelmed.  I am working hard at learning the skills I need to live independently.  I have to learn how to make safe choices.

STRUGGLES – I struggle with wanting something right now, hard to wait, my brain gets stuck on wanting it right now no matter what.  A lot of times people expect a lot from me because you cannot see that I think differently or that I sometimes get overwhelmed and stuck.

WISH – My biggest wish is: that I didn’t have FASD, it makes me so angry.  I should not have FASD, it makes my life really hard sometimes.

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