#47 Meet Tori – Real People Real Lives. #FASD

Day 47 International Red Shoes Rock Virtual Relay Race – Congratulations to Tori!

Another set of twins – Mac thinks that is pretty cool – two big sister kinda girls to run with that almost look alike for two days. Thumbs Up – Cool!

MEET TORI – I am 22 years old and I have a twin sister.  I work at different jobs in my community.  I live in a group home with my sister and two roommates. Someday I hope to live on my own with my sister in our own place.   I love playing and being in sports.  Sports make me feel alive and successful, makes me feel good inside.  School was really hard for me, because I process information differently than other people, reading is hard, and understanding is hard.  I learn better by doing.  I remember better if I have the chance to do it first.  Making friends was hard, I couldn’t figure out how to be like everyone else, now after high school I make friends more easily.  Lots of my friends process differently like me and so we understand each other better.

STRUGGLES – I really struggle with my impulses; I need reminders to do the right thing.

STRENGTHS – I love athletics, music and art.  I write my thoughts better than I can say them so I write lots of letters to people.  I am strong because my Mom and Dad taught me to be and they support me and keep me safe.  I have never drank alcohol because my brain has already been hurt by alcohol and I want to be stronger not hurt it more.

MY WISH – My biggest with is that I did not have FASD.  I hate FASD, I hate what it has done to me and my sister.


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