#41 Meet Aspen – 90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

Day #41 of 90 Real Lives Real People is Aspen at “REAL SUPER HERO” Not only did she save herself during an attempted abduction—she also saved her little brother. Mac is super excited to be running with you today Aspen – Way to go!

MEET ASPEN – This is Aspen. Recently, Aspen was a true hero, when a man attempted to abduct she and her little brother from the family yard as they were playing. Aspen’s quick thinking saved them both! She quickly told her little brother that this was a bad man and to run into the house, and she immediately followed him, keeping him safe. She even, when quizzed, knew that she must not believe something a stranger tells her because bad people lie!

MY STORY – Aspen is seven years old, and first came to her adoptive family at four months, but a couple of months later she was returned to her birth mother. She endured years of abuse and neglect, living in many homes before she was returned to her forever family for good at the age of five. As she joined her two older birth sisters, and brought along her little brother, in her new family, her new parents named her Aspen, as aspen trees are always joined at the roots to their family. Because her birth mother drank alcohol and used drugs while she was pregnant, Aspen is diagnosed with ARND and severe anxiety, with learning disabilities.

STRENGTHS – She loves to sing, excels at dance, and makes up her own songs.

STRUGGLES – She has trouble with focus and attention, attention to detail, and memory.

MY WISH –  Aspen wants to be a mommy.


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