#40 Meet Savannah – 90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

Day 40 International Red Shoes Rock Virtual Relay Race – Congratulations to Savannah!

MEET SAVANNAH – 24 years old, outgoing with a thriving goal orientated personality. She was in the dark about herself her whole childhood and adolescent life fighting to be as normal and similar to everyone else around her for so long, until her mother went to an FASD conference and connected the dots just only a year ago. She attended a normal public school with no supports different from any other average child. With her outgoing personality she made friends very easily but they would soon leave, as keeping friendships is a huge struggle for her. Balancing multiple expectations such as school, extracurricular activities, and friends would result in one part would succeed while the others failed. She learned at a young age to keep a strict schedule, routine, and simple life to be able to succeed or chaos would form.

MY STORY – Diagnosed at the age of 23 with Static Encephalopathy (Non-changing brain injury). Born premature with Scoliosis (curvature of the spine), one Kidney twice the size of that of a normal kidney, and a heart murmur.

STRENGTHS – organized, goal orientated, visual learning, creative, humorous, and outgoing or friendly.

STRUGGLES – memory, comprehension, impulsive, flexibility, change, and a need for an “external brain” for cognitive function and guidance.

WISH – For there to be more FASD awareness. To the public everywhere of all ages, not to just the areas or locations of relevancy for prevention. When I was in School I learned about FAS being only a physical disability, not as an invisible disability. People need to be updated. They need to know how big this is.


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