Day 39 International Red Shoes Rock Virtual Relay Race – Congratulations to Victor!

MEET VICTOR – I love to be around music and sometimes it helps me to relax when I have a hard day. One day I wrote the lyrics to 3 songs about FASD this is 1 of them

I also like to speak to people on succeeding and achieving Their goals. If I can do it and I have FAS than they can also. I also talk to people about what caused my brain damage 049 is what I like to use to get their attention.

MY STORY – I was adopted when I was at a young age. My whole life my adopted parents knew that I had fas yet they did nothing to help me adjust to what I needed to cope with now being an adult. It makes me sad that they don’t support me in anything I do, Yet I’ve learned slowly by myself who to trust and depend on helping me and supports me in what I’m able to do.

STRENGTHS – Making people laugh when I host karaoke or dj.

STRUGGLES – Making friends who I can count on instead of using me.

WISH – To sell my music and talk to more people about FAS.