#36 Meet Terrin – 90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

Day 36 International Red Shoes Rock Virtual Relay Race – Congratulations to Terrin!

Mac just got the baton and discovered his team mate is a dancer and fun to hang together. He plans to dance around the world today in his little red shoes – twirling and spinning and hopping and leaping. Let’s Go!

MEET TERRIN – Terrin is 17 years old, and after and during early life of much abuse and neglect, she was adopted age 6, after two years of foster care. Her diagnosis is FAS, along with RAD, PTSD, CAPD, and numerous other things. She also has bipolar disorder and mild spastic cerebral palsy. She’s overcome so much, and her family is so impressed!

Terrin loves dance, and is actively involved in folklorico and sometimes flamenco. She has troubles with coordination, but her dance instructor is not only patient, but helps her succeed! She works very hard.

STRUGGLES – She struggles with most of the things that other teenagers take for granted, and struggles with most subjects in school. She struggles a lot to get along with others, but she’s working hard to overcome that, so she can be a true help to those who need it.

STRENGTHS – She’s a great reader, and good at helping to take care of the younger kids. Her mom said she’s a savant shopper, for someone who doesn’t understand much about math, she’s able to figure out which item is the best bargain, and find anything in almost any store! Maybe she has a future as a personal shopper!

WISH – Terrin wishes to grow up and do something that matters.


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