#34 Meet Ben – 90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

Day 34 International Red Shoes Rock Virtual Relay Race – Congratulations to Ben!

Hey dude – Mac loves that you are running with him today. Mac has a lot of big brothers he looks up to and loves when they come to play with him. Come on Ben – Let’s GO!

MEET BEN – 18 years old and a recent high school graduate! School was very overwhelming for Ben and he struggled for many years with emotional regulation and rages. After much repetition and practice he was able to advocate for himself and follow the plans he and his team had developed for challenging days.

MY STORY – Ben has a co-occurring immune system disorder and was eventually given medical home bound services which allowed him the support and flexibility he needed in order to graduate.

STRENGTHS – Ben loves technology and his parents turn to him on a regular basis to help with their computers, TV cable box, phones, etc…!

STRUGGLES – He struggles with anxiety and social issues but tries very hard and hopes to find a job soon that is a good fit with his skills.

WISH – Ben wishes he could get a job that is a good fit for his skills.






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