#28 Meet Kat – 90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

MEET KAT – Hi I’m Kat I’m 26 I was born with FAS I was told I wouldn’t of lived past age 3 because of all the damage but today n I’m living strong n tall . I was blessed to get an amazing opportunity to be on an episode titled choice of Law and Order SVU at age 13. I lost both parents early mom at 4 and dad at 15 and raised by my grandparents. At 18 I won legal guardianship of myself and moved into supported apartments. At 22 moved out n had issues knowing who to trust n let the wrong people in my life who used me for everything. Luckily after several wrong people I met some true people n at 24 got my first apartment which opened new challenges n achievements budgeting is definitely a big struggle but getting a local job as a waitress was a achievement.

MY STORY – Many early medical problems because of prenatal alcohol exposure. Learning difficulties.

STRENGTHS – “Rezilance!” I always bounce back. Honesty I suck at lying and have little to no filter. I’m super friendly n always looking on the positive spectrum (which is at times a struggle). Also great with animals which is what I want as my life career or working with kids with disabilities I used to volunteer for Sabah around 18.

STRUGGLES – Budgeting and trusting the wrong people.

MY WISH – Is that people learn n the awareness for FAS is out there I never would wish my struggles on anyone


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