#27 Meet Tanya – 90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

MEET TANYA – My name is Tanya Lynn Browning I am 44 years old I was born on January 5 1972 in Laguna Pueblo, NM.  I love to read my favorite books are VC Andrews and dork diaries and Steven King and Tony Hillerman I also like music and movies and writing I am so disappointed that I can’t go back to school and work at all I have tons of food allergies and I am super sensitive about with my skin. I love life and I love cats they are my life and I love baby dolls I wished I could be a real mother but I guess I’m going to spoil my kitty cat.

MY STORY – My mom was drunk when she had me and abandon me after I was born I weighed 2 pounds 2 ounces and 2 months premature. My cousins adopted me and I lived with my mom and dad until I was 38. I depended upon others to look after me. I was always so needy and I still am up to a point I’ve been on my own now for 11 years from the age of 38 years old to now (I’m 44 years old) and it hasn’t been easy it’s been very hard for me and very stressful and I still feel like I’m not good enough for anyone.

STRENGTHS – Reading and I love music too and I love word search and board game. I love kids.

STRUGGLES – My diabetes sugar levels and the pills I’m taking now. My food allergies make it hard for me to keep my sugar in order.

MY WISH – I wish I was able to get my degree in Liberal Arts.

Tanya is a public speaker and available for presentations.


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