#24 Meet Aaron – 90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

Mac has been actively looking for kids like himself – that live isn’t easy for but you just go with the flow. Today Mac is running with Aaron – a great kid!

MEET AARON – He is 7 years old. He is from Russia and has been our blessing since he was 19 months old. He struggles every day with understanding why he can’t process things as other kids do. He knows he is different but we are teaching him to embrace differences. While his behaviors and sleep patterns are challenging, he is a sweet, loving and funny boy! He loves fishing, fishing, fishing! But also going to the beach, riding his bike, watching movies, and legos! He is our blessing and we love him so very much!

MY STORY – Premature, alcohol exposed in utero. Removed from birth home for neglect at 4 months old. Was placed in an orphanage in Russia after a hospital stay for a severe upper respiratory infection. Adopted at 19 months and has continued to make great progress!

MY STRENGTHS – Sweet, funny, loving, doesn’t give up, loves animals of all kinds, and is an avid, awesome fisherman.

MY STRUGGLES – Gets frustrated easily, impulsive, can turn frustration into anger and aggression, throws, hits, bites, and has a really hard time going and staying asleep.

MY WISH – For people to understand that because I look ‘normal’ my brain is not. I am not a ‘bad’ kid or a spoiled brat my brain just cannot process things like yours can. I want friends and can be very loyal. Take a chance and get to know me!


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