#23 Meet William – 90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

MEET WILLIAM – William is a loving brother, uncle and friend. He is real fitness fan. He runs, weight lifts, plays basketball, baseball, golf and practices archery. He has worked as a fitness coach, landscaper, and is currently a roofer.

MY STORY — William was born into a chaotic situation marked by his mother’s addictions to drugs and alcohol. He also suffered physical abuse before being removed to foster care. While in foster care he was separated from his siblings including his twin sister and bounced from family to family for most of his early child hood. William struggled in adolescence with his own addictions and their consequences including a period of incarceration. With the help of those who love him and a strong understanding of how FASD affects him, William has grown from his early mistakes and is living a happy, productive and sober life.

STRENGTHS — William is good with people and animals. He is loving, loyal, hardworking and keeps a positive attitude.

STRUGGLES — Diagnosed with PFAS William struggles with short term / working memory, impulse control and anxiety.

WISH – William wishes for a normal life filled with all the normal joys and struggles people have.


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