#21 Meet Jonathan – 90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

MEET JONATHAN – He is a sweet boy, full of energy and always looking for fun! Jonathan is 12 and going into the 6th grade. He loves to play outside, ride his bike, swim and jump on the trampoline. Jonathan has daily struggles that will last a lifetime due to prenatal alcohol exposure that caused him a permanent brain injury. But!!!…he sees each new day as a gift and he lives life to the fullest! He feels it’s important to spread the word about women not using alcohol during pregnancy!

MY STORY – Jonathan was born in Russia and lived in an orphanage until he was adopted at 9 months old. From age 1, Jonathan has had all kinds of therapy and intervention to help him gain physical strength and reach milestones.

STRENGTHS – Jonathan has a positive attitude and a determination that is contagious!

STRUGGLES – FASD and all the difficulties that come along with it…issues with daily tasks, social, learning, health/neurological, memory…

WISH – Jonathan has many wishes!…no more babies born with FASD’s, healing for those who have it, unconditional friendships and acceptance by others.


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