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[Edit] Finding Tiana was great Mac. Actually on Day 17 we are wondering if you were after her cupcake Mac it’s gluten free for you little buddy. Thanks Mac for getting these people to Red Shoe Rock with us! MEET TIANA – She is 11 and has Classic FAS. She was diagnosed before she was […]

It’s Day 16 in meeting Real People with Real Lives living with FASD and while Mac was out searching for more kids he met Reuben’s sister Anna. She’s a really funny at great kid who adds sparkle to any day. MEET ANNA – She is amazing! She is the funniest, sweetest girl around. Her big […]

Welcome to Day 15 of our 90 Day journey to meet Real People with Lives living with the challenges of FASD. Mac needed some younger guys and went searching and found Reuben. He’s a great guy! MEET REUBEN – Reuben was born premature, suffered cardiac arrest and a brain bleed. He was bathed in alcohol […]

MEET REBECCA – I am an adoptee who searched and found.I live with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I was diagnosed by a pediatric geneticist in Albanu New York. I WROTE A book about my journey: MY STORY – My name is Rebecca, and I was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome at 34 years old. Diagnosed […]

Marching into Day 13 – we are meeting some extraordinary people. Heather reached out to us and said count me in. Thank you to all the adults who are standing tall in their Red Shoes Rock! MEET HEATHER – Hi. I am Heather. She is passionate about helping others in Alcohol and drug recovery as […]

I received an email from a long time friend asking to use a picture I had recently posted on my Facebook thread to raise awareness about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. Of course I said “yes”!We cannot raise awareness about FASD’s and rallying for supports for those affected unless we find the courage to step up […]

MEET VAL – I’m sober since 2005. And despite losing all my family I have maintained my sobriety…I trusted professionals and still do and today “Thanks to professionals, I can help others in many ways….I encourage people…I continue to look for a brighter side to life. MY STORY – I am a 57 year old […]

MEET MATT – I’m a speaker/ trainer and advocate for FASD and had the opportunity to work with Ministry of Child and youth services Ontario and many communities along the way in raising the awareness of FASD. Being a graduate of the only program in Canada and holding a job as an FASD worker in […]

Welcome to our Day 10 Countdown at Red Shoes Rock for FASDay on September 9. We’ve tied our RedShoesRock shoes up and are ready to move. Actually our experts living with FASD have been moving and shaking about FASD in their communities and families for their lifetimes. Let’s roll, walk, wheel, jump! Let’s make some […]