#20 Meet Angelo – 90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

The good thing about twins is Mac got a break for a day from looking for friends. This was a two for one. These little guys are great!

MEET ANGELO –  Angelo is a sweet little boy who loves being outdoors with his twin brother, creating things from whatever he can find lying around. Angelo knows that he has some troubles because of his birth mom choosing to drink during her pregnancy with him.  He is very open with his diagnosis and doesn’t mind talking about it with others.

ANGELO’S STORY –  Angelo’s mother was incarcerated during the last bit of her pregnancy.  He was born at 35 weeks and only weighed about four pounds.  He was diagnosed with Microcephaly in the hospital and it was noted that his mother had taken drugs and smoked cigarettes, as well as drank alcohol, during the majority of her pregnancy.  After being born, Angelo was in the hospital for about three weeks and then went directly in to the foster care system.  He never lived with his birth mom, and after being in a few foster homes, at age 3.5 years, he entered into his adoptive home with his twin brother.

STRENGTHS – Angelo is very creative and can build things out of paper, sticks, hair bands, pretty much anything available.  He loves to play Minecraft, which he taught himself by watching YouTube videos.  He has a heart for cats, and he loves being read to.  He has a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong, and although he struggles to always make good choices, he is almost always very honest about his mistakes.

STRUGGLES – Angelo struggles academically and socially.  He has trouble controlling his temper and his impulses, but he has a support system in place and is working diligently to get better at these things.  Angelo is very rigid when it comes to his routine, and he will often have a rough day if something does not go like it should in his mind.  His impulsive behavior and temper often cause other children to be a little afraid or uncomfortable around him, which makes it harder for him to make friends.

ANGELO’S WISH –Angelo’s wish would be for no other mom’s to drink while they were pregnant so that other children would not have trouble thinking like he does.  He wishes that he could ‘think straight’.


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