#19 Meet Blade – 90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

Can you believe we’ve been walking, running, wheeling and flipping in our Red Shoes Rock for over 19 Days – Mac has two new friends – twin brothers – you’ll meet the other dude tomorrow. Meanwhile read on and get to know Blade.

MEET BLADE –   Blade is a compassionate boy who loves cats and loves playing Minecraft.  He understands that he faces some difficulties that others do not face because of his birth mom’s choice to drink alcohol while he was in her tummy.

BLADE’S STORY – Blade’s mom was incarcerated during the last portion of her pregnancy with him and his twin brother.  When she went into labor, she was escorted to the hospital where she had the boys by C-Section at only 35 weeks.  She was then taken back to the prison and Blade was put into the foster care system after his 2-3 week stay in the hospital due to his size and a few other problems. He was shuffled around until age 3.5 when he met his adoptive parents.

STRENGTHS – Blade is very good with technology, which is kind of amazing since he cannot read yet.  He teaches himself by watching YouTube videos.  He is working hard on using strategies to keep his anger under control.  When he does make mistakes, he is remorseful and tells the truth.

STRUGGLES – Blade is very much behind on his reading and math skills.  He struggles with his memory, which impairs his ability to read.  He is very self-conscious and embarrasses easily.  He has trouble controlling his anger, especially if his normal routine is disrupted.

BLADE’S WISH – When asked what his wish was, he said he wishes he did not have trouble thinking and that he could read better.


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