Finding Tiana was great Mac. Actually on Day 17 we are wondering if you were after her cupcake Mac it’s gluten free for you little buddy. Thanks Mac for getting these people to Red Shoe Rock with us!

MEET TIANA – She is 11 and has Classic FAS. She was diagnosed before she was a year old. Her bio mom drank through her whole pregnancy and smoked pot and cigarettes and abused prescription medications.

HER STORY – Tiana story is complicated because there are so many children involved. Tiana is the 5th of 9 children born to her bio mom. The oldest is 26 and the youngest is 4. She has one older brother and four younger sisters that have FAS. The oldest 3 children do not have an FASD. Soon after birth she was placed in foster care with family friends, returned home, placed with relatives. She and one sister were then adopted by our forever family. They have been able to stay in contact with all siblings. FAS has impacted our whole family but we are all trying to be the best we can for these kids.

STRENGTHS – She is a very happy friendly kid. She’s very polite, very smart and can be very insightful. She is my little ray of sunshine. She’s great with animals. She is a positive upbeat kind of person. She has a great sense of humor. She likes to learn new things and wants to make good grades and gets very upset when she gets something wrong. She is very involved with her 4-h club and participates in our community theater. Another strength is that she has a large support system. She has her siblings (adopted and biological), her grandparents, aunts and uncles, and the family who she spent her first two years with still come and get her every Saturday and they are grandma and grandpa to her in every sense of the word. It’s good for her to have all these people braided into her life.

STRUGGLES – Tiana struggles mostly with sensory issues. She cannot handle a traditional school setting so is home schooled. She struggles with going places that are crowded and noisy. Even doing school at home the sensory environment has to be strictly controlled. There can be no TV’s on in the house, curtains closed etc. or she can’t stay focused. Tiana also struggles with her memory. She has trouble remembering things that she was taught so I reteach until she finally gets it. She is very impulsive and it gets her in trouble. She struggles to make friends. She has a hearing loss and some muscular problems from the FAS. She also has a lot of trouble with sleeping. She has to take medication to get full nights sleep. She has been diagnosed with RAD, sensory processing disorder and ADHD along with the FAS. She was failure to thrive until she was 5 years old. She has Microcephaly and the facial features of FAS. She’s also very small for her age.

MY WISH –  (Tiana’s words) is for people to know that just because I have FAS and have some problems that I am no different from anyone else. I would also like people to learn that drinking while they are pregnant is really bad. Also drinking while you are pregnant can cause a lot of family chaos. Just please don’t do it! Thank you.