#16 Meet Anna – 90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

It’s Day 16 in meeting Real People with Real Lives living with FASD and while Mac was out searching for more kids he met Reuben’s sister Anna. She’s a really funny at great kid who adds sparkle to any day.

MEET ANNA – She is amazing! She is the funniest, sweetest girl around. Her big personality hides her invisible disability. Anna was born with FAS. She struggles with schoolwork, social situations and anxiety. But she does not let this get her down.

MY STORY –  Born to a woman with FAS and unable to parent, immersed in therapies and early childhood education with her new forever family.

STRENGTH – Her greatest strength is humor, this child is funny!

STRUGGLES – Her struggles are around school, socializing and making connections.

WISH – Anna wishes to be seen for who she is and not for her disability.


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