#13 Meet Heather – 90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

Marching into Day 13 – we are meeting some extraordinary people. Heather reached out to us and said count me in. Thank you to all the adults who are standing tall in their Red Shoes Rock!

MEET HEATHER – Hi. I am Heather. She is passionate about helping others in Alcohol and drug recovery as she has 21 years of sobriety. Heather has a gift of gab and the ability to talk to people and make them feel better about their situations. Heather is a loving wife and homemaker and is very active in her community with homeless people and people in need.

MY STORY I was born in Bethesda Maryland in 1970. Always knew I was different in a very young age because I had to go to children’s hospital to learn how to walk at the age of 3. I was raised by my father and I didn’t see my mother until I was eight because she was in the psychiatric hospital for schizophrenia alcoholism and drug use. It was discovered at the age of 13 that I had severe learning disability’s and I went to boarding school for people with learning disabilities. At a very early age and started stealing and lying. This turned into more significant criminal behavior and in 1995 I got clean and sober. I was officially diagnosed at age 42 with fetal alcohol syndrome. I’m never been able to keep a job but I’ve worked for 20 years but got fired continually. Today have a good life I married him on house I do not work and I don’t have any children but life is very good.

STRENGTHS – My gifts are the gift of gab! I’m very compassionate and I help others in my community I take a special interest in people in recovery because I’m recovering addict myself 21 years.

STRUGGLES – I struggle with people still picking on me because I have cerebral palsy and I walk funny

MY WISH – Are that people and mothers would understand that fetal alcohol syndrome is 100% avoidable

I’m honored to be a part of the Red Shoes Rock thank you very much!!





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