#12 Meet Val – 90 Real People Real Lives. #FASD

MEET VAL – I’m sober since 2005. And despite losing all my family I have maintained my sobriety…I trusted professionals and still do and today “Thanks to professionals, I can help others in many ways….I encourage people…I continue to look for a brighter side to life.

MY STORY – I am a 57 year old woman having FASD will challenge myself this Sept to go back into the military and train our young cadets…despite my FASD.


STRUGGLES – Struggles started when I was 3 right until sept 2005 —between foster homes and failing in school, failing with friends , failing in my jobs, relationships and even being a parent . All areas of my life where a big huge puzzle that I had no clue how to begin. Thanks to some time in the army and professionals they helped me heal and learn how to function in society…many tears, many lectures, many lonely roads in my healing process. I surely was on my way to death had it not been for professionals. I am still sober and that has been my biggest struggle. Come this September I will be 11 years sober and I am proud of that.


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