#1 – Meet Mac – 90 Real People. Real Lives. #FASD

Day 1 – Red Shoes Rock takes off with a fast start –
Thank you Mac for sharing you life with all of us! Get healthy in 90 days and build awareness of FASD with Mac and his friends.

MEET MAC – He is a sweet little boy, full of joy and energy and a busy body. His parents and whole family and his community work together to make a difference in helping him reach milestones other children naturally achieve. You see Mac began his life in a very hard place. He was immersed with alcohol in the womb. As a strong person he survived his first battles to live before he was even born.

MAC’S STORY – premature, abandoned, foster care, critically ill and adopted into the family that never gives up. He has been surrounded by everything this medical family has learned about children with trauma and FASD.


STRENGTHS – Mac never ever gives up. He keeps on trying no matter what obstacles get put into his way.

STRUGGLES – Full FAS, secondary autism, eating difficulties, severe motor and neurological challenges

MAC’S WISH – That people will love him and appreciate him for who he is. To have friends and be included.




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